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Founded by industry veterans. A division of Plasticase®, NANUK is a complete line of IP67 waterproof and impact resistant protective hard cases rated for military, law enforcement and professional users. HardCasesUK.com is an official distributor of the Canadian brand called NANUK Cases. We deal directly with NANUK and ship NANUK cases all over the UK. Our cases are perfect for all your extreme protection needs. Made from a lightweight NK-7 resin, all NANUK cases are waterproof, dustproof and shockproof. If you can’t see the NANUK case you are looking for please reach out to us as we deal with the entire range of NANUK cases and accessories and can even provide custom solutions.

NANUK offers innovative case solutions for photo and video equipment, drones, industrial tools, law enforcement, health and laboratory equipment, military equipment, firearms, packaging, OEM manufacturers, and much more!  Founded by industry veterans.

Not sure which case is right for you email us at info@hardcasesuk.com with your requirements and lets get you the right NANUK case for your job.

Hard Cases UK  is an authorised reseller of NANUK products.

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