NANUK 990 Case

  • Available in Black, Olive, & Tan
  • Exterior Dimensions: L1196mm x 440mm x 168mm
  • Interior Dimensions: L1118mm × W368mm × H152mm
  • Case Weight (empty): 8.1kg / 17.8lbs
  • Smooth mobility Wheels
  • 2 Spring Loaded Handles
  • Fits up to 42″ Long with Foam
  • 4 PowerClaw Latches (2 TSA Lockable)
  • Waterproof & Shockproof Case
  • Airline check-in approved, check with your airline before travelling
  • Made in Canada & Guaranteed For Life
  • Ships Free to the UK

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Built for the outdoors, the long 990 is favoured by law enforcement, the military and avid sportsmen alike. The firearm case features 2 spring loaded handles and gets around smoothly with its polyurethane wheels. Waterproof, the 990 keeps your equipment secure and is equipped with a total of 4 patented PowerClaw latches including 2 TSA keyed locks. For extra security the TSA powerClaw latches keep your equipment safely locked during transit but accessible for inspection by the TSA when required.

Nanuk 990 Firearm

A favourite amongst firearms collectors

Where most NANUK cases are highly customisable and fit any purpose, the NANUK 990 is built specifically for one thing: safely storing and transporting rifles and long-handled firearms.

Nanuk 990 Hard Case

The foam in this case is not adjustable as with our other cases. For the best fit, use a sharp knife to cut out the right nooks and crannies for your equipment.

The perfect companion at the shooting range or on a long hunting trip

The case is 47.1” long and comes equipped with NANUK’s famous Powerclaw™ lock and latch system. It’s the perfect companion at the shooting range or on a long hunting trip. What’s more, with durable polyurethane wheels and a set of comfortable handles, this case is easy to transport without becoming a burden.

Nanuk 990 Hard Case

The NANUK 990 comes with two polyurethane wheels and 2 spring loaded handles for easy carrying.

An excellent case for long photographic equipment

Despite its purpose-built design, the NANUK can also be used for tripods, camera sliders, light stands or other photographic equipment. With a 100% waterproof seal, this case will keep your gear safe, dry, and ready to help you capture the perfect moment.


With it’s unique design, you can easily stack up multiple NANUK 990 on top of each other

Available in 3 subtle colours

NANUK 990 Colours

Nanuk 990 Lockable Latches

We thrive for your satisfaction

We personally make sure all our customers are 100% satisfied with their purchase. Don’t hesitate to contact us directly if you have any questions about the NANUK cases on this site. In fact, in addition to the lifetime warranty, we offer an exclusive 30-Day satisfaction guarantee— if you don’t love (yes, love) your new NANUK 990 case, contact us within 30-days for an immediate refund.

NANUK 990 Features

Each NANUK case comes with unique features that makes it the perfect gear protection luggage to have either with you or for long term storage.

Nanuk 990 Features


Need Additional Accessories? Check out our Official NANUK Hard Case Accessories Here.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your order, we’ll exchange it no questions asked in the 30 days following up your purchase. Call or email us if you have any questions about this case

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