NANUK Padded Dividers

NANUK waterproof cases can be used to transport any type and virtually any amount of equipment and this means that the case needs to be flexible in terms of storage and transport options.

Inner Case Protection that Lasts

With padded dividers, it is possible to achieve those results while also offering protection from items knocking against one another during transit.

The padded dividers can be placed according to your needs and the measurements of the items inside.

Hard Cases UK

Easy to Customize for Growing Gear Kits

Hook and loop fasteners are simple to use but will stay in place once the case is shut and in transport a great way to keep everything separate and to ensure the level of protection that you need.

Note that there are NO padded dividers for the Nanuk 903, 904, 909, 910, 990 and 995.

Padded Dividers Video