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HardCasesUK.com is owned and operated by me Jason Andrews.

Jason Andrews - Hard Cases UK

After looking for hard case for my Canon DSLR camera I came across NANUK and decided these were the cases for me the quality is exceptional and they look great, however I was disappointed with the UK offering of NANUK hard cases as I was generally coming across North American sites and there was no delivery option to the UK, however there were some UK sites but I didn’t feel these sites were offering the support or representing NANUK as well as they could like their North American counter parts.

Therefore I decided to contact NANUK directly to see if I could get involved and luckily for me they are looking to grow in the UK and seeking partners to work with them, I decided to get on board and HardCasesUK.com was born.

NANUK is a brand owned by Plasticase and are based in Quebec Canada, their attention to detail is second to none and they offer a life time guarantee for all their cases, you can find out more about NANUK and their history at https://www.plasticase.com. I know you will love your new NANUK hard case as much as me however if you have any questions at all please get in contact by emailing me directly at jason[at]hardcasesuk.com or visit hardcasesuk.com/nanuk to get the latest NANUK brochure to find out more.

Jason Andrews


Authorised Reseller of NANUK Products