The Nanuk Advantage

Thriving in an unforgiving landscape, the Polar Bear has evolved to survive the challenges of ​the​ freezing temperatures, frigid waters​,​ and ​ice-covered ​terrain of the arctic. As one of earth's most resilient predators, the great white bear is the inspiration behind our ​brand​ name ​due to its strength and fearlessness — made​ to survive in the harshest ​of​ conditions.

Our cases come in different sizes, colours and interior options so you can get the right case for the job, find out more below.

Wheeled Cases

Nanuk Wheeled Case

Media Cases

Nanuk Media Cases

Nanuk 935 Pro Photo Kit Wheeled Case

Nanuk 935 Photo Pro Kit

Nanuk 935 Sony AR7 Camera Kit Wheeled Case

Nanuk 935 Sony AR7 Kit Case

If you are not sure which Nanuk protective hard case to get send me an email with the details of what you want to protect and I will try and advise as best as I can and if you can’t see a specific Nanuk product your looking for on please let me know as we deal with the entire Nanuk portfolio of products.