NANUK 918 Case

  • Available in Black, Graphite, Olive, Orange, Silver & Yellow
  • Exterior Dimensions: L429mm x W328mm x H236mm
  • Interior Dimensions: L378mm x W249mm x H218mm
  • Case Weight (empty): 2.9kg / 6.4lbs
  • PowerClaw Latching System
  • Softgrip Foldable Handle
  • IP67 Rated (Waterproof)
  • Shockproof Case
  • Airline check-in approved, check with your airline before travelling
  • Airline cabin carry-on approved, check with your airline before travelling
  • Made in Canada & Guaranteed For Life
  • Ships Anywhere within the UK

Need Additional Accessories? Check out our Official NANUK Hard Case Accessories Here.

A Deeper Case for Tall or Square Products

Nanuk 918

A Favourite Among Photographers and Videographers

Drones, cameras, laptops, and other specialised equipment is expensive, and the last thing you want is to accidentally break the gear before you even get it out on the field.

Designed and made in Canada

With the unwieldy shape and sensitive handle requirements of many systems, transporting your gear from storage to location can be difficult to do on your own, which is why you need a case you can rely on through thick and thin. This waterproof case is expertly engineered with only the highest rated materials and includes a lifetime warranty to ensure your 918 will be with you for years to come. The NANUK 918 offers your sensitive equipment an added level of protection with padded dividers. This hard-shell resin case is superior for transit, shipping, and storage.

Nanuk 918

The NANUK 918 Is Perfect for Outdoor Video & Photo Shoots

Protected against heavy splashing and rain, the 918 is certified waterproof IPX-7 rated with specially designed watertight seal. This waterproof hard shell case withstands the elements, guarding against water seepage. This IPX-7 Waterproof Standard also protects against short duration’s of water immersion at a depth of 1 meter. This means come rain or shine, your gear remains protected within the foolproof seal of the NANUK 918.

Easy Release Powerclaw Latching System

The 918 hard case comes with the patented PowerClaw latch in an easy-carry, lightweight design that makes transportation a breeze. Two patented Powerclaw triple action latches moulded in super-tough nylon keep the case securely sealed via compressive force. Whether you have a compromised grip, wear gel or acrylic nails, or simply prefer an easy-to-use latch system, the NANUK 918 provides secure closure that is highly easy to operate.

NANUK 918 for Cameras

Equipped to handle the worst travel conditions

Not just for photography and videography, the NANUK 918’s deep interior fits a range of equipment, from portable test equipment to medical devices, to your laptop and important tools. This roomy yet low profile case is great for mounting on a motorcycle or snowmobile to take anywhere and everywhere.

The NANUK 918’s six color options

The NANUK 918 comes in six colour choices, from bright and bold, to subdued and discreet. Some prefer the darker look so their case doesn’t stand out while in the line of duty, while others like them bright so they can easily locate them. If your preference isn’t swayed by these factors, you might opt for a colour coordinated storage solution.

NANUK 918 Colours

NANUK 918 Features

Each NANUK case comes with unique features that makes it the perfect gear protection luggage to have either with you or for long term storage.

Nanuk 918

NANUK Padded DividersNANUK 918 Case

Need Additional Accessories? Check out our Official NANUK Hard Case Accessories Here.

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Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your order, we’ll exchange it no questions asked in the 30 days following your purchase.

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