NANUK 955 Wheeled Case

  • Available in Black, Orange & Yellow
  • Exterior Dimensions: L650mm x W508mm x H300mm
  • Interior Dimensions: L559mm x W432mm x H259mm
  • Case Weight (empty): 8.16kg / 18.40lbs
  • Smooth mobility Wheels
  • One-Hand Adjustable Handle
  • 4 Secure PowerClaw Latches
  • Waterproof & Shockproof Case
  • Airline check-in approved, check with your airline before travelling
  • Made in Canada & Guaranteed For Life
  • Ships Anywhere with in the UK

Need Additional Accessories? Check out our Official NANUK Hard Case Accessories Here.

Secure & Reliable Wheeled Storage

Easily transport, store, and protect your photography gear, medical equipment, sensitive military gadgetry, scientific paraphernalia, musical instruments, and more in the streamlined, rugged construction of the NANUK 955 rolling luggage case.


Front and Back views of the NANUK 955.

Maximum Protection for Your Valuables and Equipment


A Virtually Indestructible Hard Case

This hard shell luggage resists all weather conditions, impacts, theft attempts, and more with finesse! While it’s true that strangers attempt to steal your stuff is not a given, yet should the inevitable occur, the Nanuk’s rugged NK-7 resin shell stands up against any attack or rough handling.


Exceptional security for your sensitive and costly equipment

Drop it from a hillside, toss it in the back of a pickup, let it endure the duress of the TSA, whatever you throw at it, the NANUK 955 comes through with flying colours. NANUK cases have been there for it all, from frontline combat to off-road research, and they will continue to go wherever they are needed to provide exceptional security for your sensitive and costly equipment.

NANUK 955 Specs

Reliable Protection from the Elements

There’s nothing worse than that sinking feeling of looking out the air plane window and seeing a sudden rainstorm soaking the luggage cart sitting on the tarmac or being caught in a nasty windstorm that kicks up the surrounding sand and dirt in a whirlwind of harmful dust particles. With NANUK, you don’t have to worry about either of the above incidents.

Ready for All Weather Conditions

Both waterproof and dustproof, the NANUK 955 blocks out all damaging granules and detrimental moisture to keep the performance of your gear in tip-top shape.

NANUK 955 Purge Valve

A Sleek Look

Hard cases inherently can look more professional than your average luggage. For the savvy professional, a NANUK hard shell case speaks volumes about the conduct of a place of business and its employees. With both style and premium protection, anyone who sees the clean lines and tough shell of the NANUK knows you mean business about protection and performance.



The NANUK 955 comes in 3 popular colours. Use colours to help identify content of the cases or for branding purpose.

NANUK 955 Colours

Need Additional Accessories? Check out our Official NANUK Hard Case Accessories Here.

Satisfaction Guarantee

If you are not satisfied with your order, we’ll exchange it no questions asked in the 30 days following up your purchase. Call or email us if you have any questions about this case

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